Thursday, September 26, 2019

Business Economics Hons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Economics Hons - Essay Example For this reason, I sought to register in a reputable college to do economics and make sure that I have achieved my dreams. This is why I chose to enroll in a university to do my bachelors in economics. I am currently doing my A levels in where I am doing Business Studies, Economics and Psychology. I believe these subjects will be a very good precursor for doing my bachelors in economics and I believe that the knowledge I have gained in my A levels will be important for me as I do my bachelors in economics. I am a very smart person in the intellectual level and I expect to get BBB grades in my A levels. My love for economics also sprouts from the knowledge that the current world is directly dependent on business as business has become the ranch and hunting ground of modern world. I also like economics because as an academic discipline, it can lead to numerous academic disciplines for my future academic development. I am a diligent person and this can be seen in my achievement that was awarded with a Duke of Edinburgh bronze award. I am the kind of person who can achieve anything when they set their minds at something and I am also very energetic and I expect to invest these talents and abilities in the bachelors of economics. I have also worked in a cafà © and in a promotion company in the past and this gave me quite an insight into how the business world worked. I believe that I have a big role to play in the economy of my country as well as the world and I intend to use the knowledge and skills that I will get in making sure that I improve people’s lives by educating them about economics principles. The world economy is in tatters and although this is a problem, I see it as an opportunity for economists to make changes in the economy and eradicate the suffering in the world that is brought in by unnecessary poverty. I call it unnecessary poverty since the poorest places in the world are those with the

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