Thursday, November 21, 2019

Fff Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Fff - Essay Example This tool will: I. Evaluate production achieved and the expectations, II. Enhance communication that will allow exchange of ideas between the employee and the supervisor on matters concerning job performance, III. Assist in highlighting areas that employees will require training and development needs as well as plan for growth in their career, IV. Assist in identifying skills to enhance promotion, V. Act as pillars for organization and employee goals and VI. Offer legal protection against false lawsuits against termination. Through performance evaluation, several benefits will be accrued. These include: I. The work done will be easily controlled and II. The employees will always feel motivated and as a result, production will increase, To achieve these benefits, performance reviews must be conducted annually and rely on individual job-related issues. A guideline must be provided that is used in the review of individual based performance and a review of the past performance. Team base d performance must be annually reviewed. The review must rely on the performance of the team in relation to the functions of the employees. The program is to enhance of quality of products. Question 1.4B: Based on your team’s experience, what data from the exploration phase would be of greatest help in developing the field? Subsurface information is used in the search for reservoirs and petroleum and gas traps through a process known as prospecting. This process is carried out on paper or with the assistance of computers. This involves the use of art and science. The success of a prospector lies in the use of a three dimensional space. This helps in developing a model that reveals lateral and vertical dimensions of the reservoir targeted. There are several sources from which a geologist can gather information from. These include: I. Study of the rocks on the surface of the earth, II. Information gathered from holes drilled in the prospect area after a careful study, and III. Through seismic reflection. The data collected are recorded, interpreted by geologists who develop cross sectional drawings of rocks that contain oil and gas. The cross sectional drawings reveal the changes in depth of the reservoirs. Structure maps developed by geologists assist in showing the folds or faults in the layers of the earth. Reservoir composition data collected assists in developing the size of the facility, and the design process. Question 1.4C: Based on your team’s experience, or â€Å"brainstorming† session, what unforeseen problem would most hinder developing the field? The best location of the surface of the well is determined by the geologist. The land is leased and a permit of drilling the well obtained. For a permit to be granted by the Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Oil and Gas Management, proper environmental planning is necessary. The exact position of the well may be shifted to protect key natural resources like streams, wetl ands and endangered species. Other producing wells may also be a barrier in locating position of the wells. When the wells are closely dug, production from the existing wells may decrease. Erosion and sedimentation are likely to occur because of heavy earthworks during construction of access road and well site (Flaherty and Flaherty, p.11). Question 1.4D: Well performance evaluation and enhancement are the primary charges of the production engineer. With the

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