Friday, February 7, 2020

Politics in Pan's Labyrinth and Watchmen Movie Review

Politics in Pan's Labyrinth and Watchmen - Movie Review Example Ofelia's mother ties the knot with another person who is a captain in Franco's army. Ofelia takes a great inspiration from fairy tales and while going to her step father she experiences many strange events which link her as being the lost princess of the underworld. Ofelia's step father is assigned to a remote village where he is designated to throw out all the rebels from the territory. Ofelia gets closely related to the servants working with the captain and she comes to know that the servant Mercedes is linked with the rebels but due to her love for Mercedes she does not tell his father about Mercedes. The rebels try to evacuate the captain from their land and in the end of the movie they even get successful in burning the outpost of the captain and finally killing him. Ofelia gets deeply involved in the fairytales and she is asked to pass some tests to enter the world of the underworld where she is supposedly the princess. In the end one of the test leads to her death in which she has to sacrifice her brother. The captain reaches the spot and kills her to get the posession of the child. Politics is greatly involved in Pan's Labyrinth in the form of war and the actions of people. ... This is because of her defiance to live in the captain's world of brutality. The fantasies of Ofelia from one point of view are also political as she is running away from the captain's world and she figures out that she can live in her own world where the captain does not rule. She tries to find her allies in the rebels and Mercedes and thus she sides up with the rebels. The whole movie portrays a political environment in which everyone is fighting for his own cause i.e. the captain tries to defeat the rebels while Mercedes and Ofelia try to end the tyranny of the captain and run away from his world. The film describes the situation of tyranny and dictatorship and emphasizes on the fact that dictatorship can only be ended through political tactics. In the climax of the movie the captain shoots Ofelia while she is giving a test to be called the lost princess of the underworld. The climax of the movie also portrays a way of how Ofelia fought to get herself released from the world of ca ptain. Pan's Labyrinth is a book which shows both the tactics used by the rebels and the fantasies which were seen by Ofelia in the form of politics as they are both done do get away from the shadow of the captain. There have been many famous comic samples. The chain of keeping comics aside for totally unrealistic matters was broken by Alan Moore, who added political issues in his writings. 'Watchmen' is known to be a great piece of comic work by Alan Moore in 1986-87. Alan Moore is recognized as the best writer in comics after creating such a master piece. His impressive DC series tracks many caparisoned vigilantes, consisting of the inhuman, knowledgeable, crazy, and intelligent but

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