Sunday, October 6, 2019

Human Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Human Development - Essay Example 3. Explain the relationship of language to memory. 4. What is theory of the mind and how does it develop? 5. How does moral development change from infancy through middle childhood? How does cognition develop from infancy through middle childhood? Cognition develops in infancy through active exploring using cognitive structures. Piaget’s cognitive theory explained that for the child to discover his surroundings has to develop his intelligence through organization and adaptation. Organization takes place when a child systematically combines existing structures with interrelated actions and ideas. Adaptation on the other hand is when a child adjusts to the demand of his surroundings employing assimilation and accommodation. A child is said to have assimilated experiences when it is interpreted in terms of cognitive structures. Existing cognitive structures are used to understand new events. While accommodation is the modification of what is learned from the earlier experiences. For example, as the child gazes an object, he tries to grasp to reach. However, as he ages, he recognizes primitive structures thus refined action is expected. The same holds true in the child’s knowledge of a dog. For his first encounter, he may give a definition of a dog to be a thing that barks. However, for successive exposures, he may look at the dog as an animal with four legs.

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