Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Revolution of 1912 in China Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Revolution of 1912 in China - Research Paper Example Much of the pandemonium and chaos resulted due to ineffective and failed attempted of the Qing Dynasty to modernize China in terms of female participation in politics and fulfilling the requirements of the Railway Protection Movement which concerned those Chinese people who were against the decision of the Qing government to nationalize railway development projects and transfer their control to foreign banks. Also, the decision made by the Qing government to mobilize imperial troops in an effort to oppress the people who were behind the Railway Protection Movement and the Movement for females political participation finally culminated in overthrowing the imperial rule, backfired on the Qing Dynasty itself because this action stimulated many other revolutionaries too who went ahead with their aim and never looked back (Reynolds 164). This much is clear from the historical accounts that the 1912 Chinese Revolution began as a consequence of a large number of internal systematic disorders which rapidly got out of hand due to which a great number of revolutionaries got murdered by the imperial troops but still a great many other revolutionaries went on to ensure the death of the imperial ruling system. Actually, the revolutionaries were of this mental approach that the imperial government was doing nothing potent or significant to modernize China in accordance with the international standards rather it was keeping China from progressing rapidly into a powerful economy giant on the world map. It was with this intention of modernizing China that the revolutionaries became fearless to openly oppose the Qing government and stand up against various atrocities committed by the imperial troops with the result that 1912 became the birth year of the Republican era. The Qing government headed by the last imperial ruler Puyi m obilized imperial troops against revolutionaries because people in large number in different states began disregarding Puyi and

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