Wednesday, October 9, 2019

If you were to win the lottery describe what would you do with the Essay

If you were to win the lottery describe what would you do with the winning share and why - Essay Example ture plans for travelling around the world and buying expensive cars and portray a spontaneous way of life but conversely I will try and make sure to secure my future with potential investments first, and I would dedicate a fair share of my money to my family and friends who have been part of my life through all the rough patches that I have been through. I will try to stay focused during all the decisions because I wouldn’t want this earning to turn into a nightmare of choices and bad decisions for me. The most vital role play in everybody’s life is associated with their family and friends. For my family and friends who mean the whole world to me, I will try to give them enough money that would cater their indigents for the rest of their lives. I would make sure that the needs and wants of my family and friends are well tended to. As far as my personal needs are concerned I will try to be as much coherent as possible in my investments and I would wish to continue a healthy life style that avoids any drug addictions or buying myself useless gadgets and expensive items that take up a lot of money and it does not bring any real change to my life except for a social status symbolic value. Though the choice of buying a well furnished home with renovated furniture and adorable location is on my list and I will make sure I follow through that list entirely. I will also want to some social charity work as well in the form of donations because after all we live and share the same so ciety and community hence I will try to be part of any social cause that would help eradicate some social issues or to say in particular a â€Å"disease†. As far as my investments are concerned I will make cautious investment and craft a diversified portfolio of investments that take care of my future one way or the other. I will try to make sure that I don’t end up like any of the earlier winners of such lotteries whose lives were turned into a nightmare after hitting the jackpot with

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